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Sometimes the best way to learn about a business, and especially a car dealership, is to simply read through some of the reviews and testimonials that others have left behind. That’s exactly what you can do on this page. If you have already had your own Durango Kia experience, then feel free to write us a review or testimonial of your own on your favorite review website. We look forward to reading it.

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Bill was our sales rep, we are so impressed by how well he treated us that we will never buy a car from any other dealer. We had our two youngest daughters and they treated them to snacks while we were working on paper work. The general atmosphere at the dealer was great, everyone talked to us, and made the entire experience stress free. Thank you guys
Victor Alcantar
Bill Fountain made the car buying experience so easy! He answered all of our questions, was always available and made us feel so comfortable in our decision.
Fantastic service. ZACH and the rest of the team were great. We are very happy and highly recommend Durango Motor Company. Thank you so much. SINCERELY JIM.
james garland
I had a challenging first experience at Durango Motor Co when I purchased my Toyota- highlander. But I gave them a second chance. I was very particular about who I could work with. I have been scoping out the company for months and I recognized a gentleman whom I have never seen before. His name was Matthew Rheinehart and he gave me the best first impression. So… I knew right then and there that he was the guy that could make this happen! Matthew Rheinehart: was wonderful to work with and went... More
Tatiana Creese
5 stars Victor Padilla and Nate Monroe were the best So was the finance manager. This has to be the best dealership in the US.
virginia waitley
Tried to do a build on the web site but couldn't get the amenities to match the look I wanted. So Matt Rienhart (sp?) and the customizing desk guys (thanks tons) created the look I was after in a new 2018 and the powers that be got the price right .... it was a month long process trying several ways to get it done... but finally we did. Thanks Matt for your determination to get what I wanted in spite of the factories limitations. I pick the new shop build up in a week,, can't wait to see it!
Jacob Gingerich
Great service!
david vasquez
We were shopping for a 4 wheel drive replacement vehicle. The company had a good selection with good prices. Alec was helpful and was knowledgeable about the cars that were available. I would have liked to climb College hill to understand the climbing capabilities better and also would have liked to have completed the transaction in the initial location. I would recommend the dealer and my mechanic was pleased with the engine. It was successful. Did not get repairs.
Gloria Macht
Bill Fountain was great to work with. Bill was knowledgeable and just made the whole experience easy. He really wanted us to be happy with our choice, and we drove away with an awesome vehicle! Thanks Bill!
Matt Rhinehart was a pleasure to work with which resulted in a purchase. I believe this has been one of the better vehicular transactions made over many. So far the experience has been great.
Pagosa Bob